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Steam cleaning your carpet is the most thorough cleaning you can possibly get. Opposed to other cleaning methods such as dry cleaning you actually know where the dirt goes. It leaves your house and rolls away in the truck. The steam cleaning method uses the age old technique of soap and soak, agitate, and rinse with steamy hot water. Now that is clean. Once again apposed to dry cleaning the dirt and stains are extracted and stored in a holding tank in the truck. Dry cleaning only soaks and agitates, leaving the chemicals and dirt. It is missing the whole rinse and extracting method. That is like pre soaking your clothes in laundry detergent and then taking them out to dry with out rinsing. Would you wear them? Not me.

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“Perfection! That could only come to my mind when I entered my house after the hard day I had. You cheered me up and I felt so content from the bottom of my heart. My husband and I feel satisfied with the comfort and harmony you bring to our place!”
by Liza Saunders

“Guys! You do miracles! I couldn’t recognize my own house, ahahaha! I finally can enjoy my days off!”
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